What to do with my ex please help?

This will be long so sit back and relax :)))

I met this guy (I will call him harry) in October 2011 we was together until June 2012 in this time we had moved in together, brought a dog and I fell pregnant in April but miscarriage in May this caused a lot of fights between me and him we agreed to go on holiday to help move on from it but before we flew out he said he just wanted to be friends this caused a lot of arguments during the holiday he ended up staying in another hotel for the remaing two days there.

When we got back I moved back in my parents and had to sell the dog as it was a Great Dane at 5 months old was to much work and wasn't fair on him. Or my parents I was devasted that my relationship had broken down so quickly and i had lost my baby and dog I went into depression for three months lost my job because I couldn't focus there. He had moved on to some other girl

January 2013 by now I had a new job and was living with housemates and was starting a uni degree I was doing ok and was having fun socialising. Then boom he made contact I was scared at first because of how badly hurt he made me feel after. We met in feb after a few calls and lots of texting it was weird seeing him we got dating again was back together by march. but it only lasted a month because we both had work comitnents that collided with each other badly. I wasn't bothered it didn't feel 100% proper again so maybe that's why I didn't care when we broke up. I got with someone else from April to September he lived a three hour drive away so didn't see much of each other anyway we stayed good friends though as we helped each other through some rough times concerning deaths in our family's

I got speaking to harry again turns out he had been in a three month relationship but she cheated on him. ( karma )

We got speaking as friends and meet up every now and then up until now when he told me he was dating I asked him if we could date again ( will continue on a post )
I asked if we can date again he said he doesn't want to mess with my head.

But says he doesn't want nothing serious from girls he is dating he lied to me last time he was dating he said he wants a relationship just not with me


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  • you have to talk to him about where you guys relationship is going to and you decide from there.


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