How can I prove to this guy that I am serious about him and not just looking for a "boyfriend"?

I ended a long term relationship back in September. It's now mid March. I have hung out with a few guys since which this new guy knows about. (just went on a few dates nothing sexual)

This "new guy" and I have a history together. In college we used to hang out and had sex. I really liked him but he wasn't ready to settle down. We remained distant friends over the years.

Lately I have been talking to him a little bit here and there. We have hung out in group settings and every time he drinks he apologizes to me about the past. We hung out at the bars for my bday with a group of people and I got pretty drunk. We were hanging all over each other and I ended up taking him outside and we made out in the street. At one point he also said that he thought I was too good for him and that I could get any guy I want so why him. etc. He told my friend that he likes me a lot, has fun joking with me and just wants to make sure he just isn't "that guy". He thinks I need to be single for a little while first before I would be ready for a long term relationship. He also told me that for now he wants to keep it on a friend level. He also told my friend he wants to take things really slow with me this time so it doesn't get messed up.

He told my friends that he just doesn't want to be "that guy" and he wants to make sure that I really want to be with him and that I'm not just looking for another relationship.

Later that same night he ended up staying at the same place as me and cuddled with me all night. No funny business or anything.

How do I show him that I truly like him as a person and want to give it a shot? I don't need a relationship title. I just like joking around and spending time with him. How can a girl prove that she is into a guy without being desperate or clingy?

What do I need to do in order to prove this to him? How can I make this situation work out in my favor?


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