Is there something he wanted to show/say?

So, we broke up a year ago. We are never friends in FB (though I know he has one) and the only social network we are connected is through Instagram. Lately, he's been posting a lot of pictures and I could see it. He sometimes likes/comments my posts (asking how am I). Do you think there's something going on his head? or it is just normal?
Oh, and he does not seem to have a lot of followers (only around 30 people).


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  • After a year apart, at least that is the impression I get. It sounds like he is trying to bridge the gap between the two of you. At this point, with the occasional comment/like or asking how you are. I don't see it as a big deal. He wants to be friends.

    Of course there is a possibility he wants to get back together. But I feel there is not enough there to say that is his intention.

    Lets face it whether the two of you end up as friends, or in a relationship, or stay as you are. You are the one in control of those decisions. What happens is completely out of his hands.

    You can block him (if you can on instagram I don't know). Ignore him. Or have a bit of communication. It's up to you. If you do communicate, you will likely figure out what he wants soon enough.


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