Ex girlfriend keeps contacting me while seeing someone else?

I had been dating my gf for about 2.5 years until I broke up with her. I couldnt handle the fighting any more. She cheated on my about a year and a half into the relationship but I took her back because I still loved her very much. I just never got pasted it and decided that I needed to take some time alone to see if I could get over passed it an love her fully.

After about a month apart she tried getting back together with me but I wasn't ready. I told her i needed some more time even though I really wanted to be with her. I just had heard she had hooked up with some guys so I was feeling a little nervous about getting back together.

Another month went by and I was feeling much better and wanted to be with her again. We started hanging out and everything was really good. When I brought up how I felt she kind of freaked out and said she just wanted to be single. She got upset and said we were hanging out too much. I unfriended her on Facebook and made the mistake of blowing up her phone with texts.

Soon after I backed off and stopped contacting her but she would text or call me about once a week. Just small talk and never about us getting back together. She eventually added me as a friend back on Facebook as well. I thought this all meant that she might want me back but during this time i realized that she was seeing someone else. She still continued to call and text me. One day she wanted to go on a walk and talk but all she talked about was her and this new guy she was seeing. It really hurt me and I realized all she wanted was for me to be her friend. Shortly after I text her and told her that i could not be her friend. That I still had feelings for her and obviously she did not feel the same. And i asked if she could stop calling and texting me. She did not reply but she unfriended me on FB.

I still love her very much and would like to be with her but Im afraid I've pushed her away too much. Is there anything that I can do?


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  • It doesn't sound to me as playing hard to get. She doesn't want to be your gf anymore. And if a relationship has so much come and goes like that, this relationship will not be healthy for you. You will be devastated again. Don't let this happen. Say goodbye to her in your heart first, after stop making any contact with her. Open your self in a more healthy relationship. Everything will pass, don't worry.


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  • She's playing hard to get it sounds like she still likes you a lot but doesn't want to give in yet so she's playing hard to get so you will fall for her hard then she will eventually give in and stop playing hard to get. It sounds like she is playing hard to get to she how much you really love her and that your not faking it. So give her time and just be there for her when she needs you and she'll eventually give in. Hope this helps 😘💗💖

    • I thought she might be playing hard to get but she told her friend she has no feelings for me and she is seeing another guy? Do I just continue not contacting her abd wait for her to contact me?

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    • I tried doing that but it was just getting my hopes up and was hurting me to hear her talk about this other guy. That's why I told her to leave me alone and give me space. Now I'm afraid I pushed her away

    • Try to talk to her and and just tell her you would rather not talk about her bf all the time

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  • Feeling nervous? Like when staring down a tiger that runs faster than you?
    That's the perfect feeling to have with this gal... that considers you an easy mark.
    What DO you call a person that has a foot in more than one cozy nest, making sure SHE will land sunny side up when all others may land on their hearts. Your One & Only? If so, NOT for long buddy.

    SO long as you're immune to her charms/wiles, THEN and ONLY then is it safe for you to have grand times with this "friend" and not have it GO anywhere... as you will fall again, again

    Hope you have not become the GF, thinking she wants you as a BF...


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