Ladies: when you break up and still want him in your life?

does this mean he's on punishment and has to prove you wrong or are you just making yourself available to tell him how happy you are doing without being in a romantic relationship with him? we broke up because of a big misunderstanding on my part and she wouldn't put up with it ( single mother by the way) we talk once a week and joke with a tiny amount of flirt here and there, but if I bring up on not letting something that was so special die off the first altercation we ever had, she says she rather not talk about it right now. since I haven't brought it up. I feel sometimes she's only talking to me for me, because I asked her when can I talk to her again and she says "whenever you feel like it'


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  • dude seems like she wants to punish you... she just seem that she does not really consider you as the one she loves anymore... i'm not telling you that there are more fish in the sea... but please move on or you might be the one to suffer later on

    • I know.. i feel like she's keeping me around for that. everyone tells me I didn't do anything wrong. it's just funny how someone can turn there emotions off like a light switch.

    • so my advice to you is to think well and take a GOOD decision!

    • I got my closure.. she was cheating after all

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  • she thinks she can be friends with an ex... lol


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