my boyfriend broke up with me?

so, i've been dating this guy for almost 4 months. before that we were like best friends and we got through some really hard periods. we are very different and we were both confused about our relationship from time to time.
i don't even know what to do... last night we were talking about our differences and he said that there are some traits about the way i show my affection (beacuse i'm not a affective-words person. i don't usually say what i feel. it happens but not as often).
well, in the past he tried to hurt me for that, for something that was wrong with us and for the fact that we are somehow different. he wanted to get a revenge for that and he punished me by being a jerk a whole day. then we just moved on with the relationship like nothing had happened. i asked him about that. he said it is just a mood. a mood in which he just feels to be a jerk with me, but the intentiion was not to hurt me. he did that anyway. he also said he cares about me a lot, that i somehow bring him peace and that is amazing to be with me, but i also bring him pain somehow in the way i act. but he did't wanted to tell me what was it certainely, why he is so disturbed. i just couldn't make him told me that.
he also said that he needs power to walk over my traits and that he doesn't know if he can do that. we wants to try but he is affraid he won;t succed. "i ├žan't guarantee you that i would pass through it" he said. then i said that i could not force him to do that, to take me as i am if he does not feel like doing that. he said "thanks". well, it was like 5 o'clock in the morning and i relly needed some sleep so we both agreed to go to sleep. but what does it mean? did he really break up with me? will we talk about it again later? has he decided to move on and forget me and give up his feelings for me?
i don;t even know that to say. somehow i wish we weren't over... i feel that it is not over
i would love a guy's answer :D
i have to know what he is thinking...


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  • Well if you have to know what he's thinking you're going to have to ask him. The only way to get the answers to your questions is directly from him. Sit backdown and continued conversation and make him answer your question and explain

    • If you don't want to regret it the rest of your life you need to sit back down and have another discussion. You need to open up and tell him absolutely everything you feel. Leave it all on the table. Otherwise you only have regrets

    • For some reason this came up as anonymous. Wonder why

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  • Honestly if you are already having problems like that and it has only been four months, you are better off without him.

    • I know you are under 18, but even then. Me and my girlfriend didn't have our first fight until 6 months, and even then it was such a small one.

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    • have*

    • From what I've read in your question, I would have to say moving on would be smart.

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  • Sorry this happened. But I think you should move on. If he broke up with you he is already moving on. :(

    • is there anything i could do about it?

    • Sorry, there isn't anything you can do to change that. You were yourself, and he still decided to break up with you. Sorry, but you should just work on moving on.

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