My ex boyfriend is still looking at me?

So it's been months since he broke up with me and we both got over it. The fact we're in the same class was difficult teh first few weeks after the break up. Eventually I got over him. So he has a girlfriend now, from two days after we broke up months ago. He's happy with her, allthough she broke up with him recently and they got back together. in this time span I texted him once asking why he looked sad, if he missed me, why he was looking at me in class, etc.
I got a mean text back saying that I shouldn't get my hopes up, that I have a pig's head, that he never wanted me and that he's happy with his current gf.
One friend says it was his gf texting me, because she found out that his gf checks his phone. But another friend told me it was him sending me that text. I still don't know who it is and I want to avoid someting like that again, but he's still looking at me in class. After months. I don't know why and it's not because of the way I'm sitting in class. Like not straight forward, but side ways? We had a school project going on these past 3 days and I noticed him looking at me more often. I never look at him when he's standing close to a friend of mine (he's friends with the same people as me).
I don't know why he's still looking at me. He's happy with his gf and I'm completely over him it just bothers me. And asking him is a no-go and if you think he's regretting it, he's not. My closest friend was friends with him before he pissed her off and she told me he loved me, he really wanted me. So am I seeing ghosts or not? I always notice him looking at me, not another girl in our class.
What I left out is... after I sent that text to him, he called me 13 times using his cell phone (hiding his number once), the phone of their house and his cell phone again (not hiding his number). And than he gave up and send me the angry text.


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  • The guy's being just plain weirdo if it happened months ago. I think you should focus on something else because the more attention you give him the moreit feeds his ego. Sending that text was a bad move because it only reinforced whatever preconcieved notions he might of had of you after the breakup thinking that you might still want him even though he has another girl. This dudes doing nothing but trying to mentally screw with you and its working because you are letting him. If you stop looking at him or perhaps switch classes altogether if you still can that would be best. You guys had done broken up months ago there's no need for you put up with this shit unless you want too which I take it as you don't.


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  • I hate exes like that. You should ignore him exes are exes and they are your ex for a reason


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