She broke up with me out of the blue. What did I do?

I met her 3 months after breaking up with another girl and thought she was amazing. We together 10 months.
I said I love you to her after only 2 weeks.
She was beautiful, and I have never been loved or appreciated by anyone like she did me. She was very caring. I introduced her to my parents after 4 weeks.
I know at times I would be a bit distant but never thought anything was wrong.
Then a week before we broke up, I was at a friends wedding and she just ignored all of my texts. I then rang her and she was crying on the phone asking why I had never said anything about her moving to be with me.
I didn't understand so went to see her. She asked why had I never discussed the future with her, and why I always brushed her off? I said well it was too soon to get married or move in together, because it was. She seemed shocked as if she had been expecting to move with me. She cried even harder, and said so you're breaking up with me?
I said no of course not, we got back to normal and carried on.
We had both got new jobs, I got mine back in my hometown an hour away from her.
A week later she was moving back to her home town for the summer.
Then out of the blue she sent me an email, to say she was breaking up with me. She seemed to overlook the closeness and love we had.
Here were the reasons;
1) She said I didn't seem to want to be with her and that I hurt her with my comments the week before, that I never discussed any sort of future.
2) She thought I was ashamed of her because I never had a picture with her, but I still had a few pictures of me and my ex-girlfriends on Facebook .
3) She said she felt uncomfortable with the contact I had with my exes and that I should not have spent time with her. By coincidence she met my ex when she met my parents.
I reassured her I did not have any feelings for her, but she didn't seem to believe me.
These reasons seemed so petty, what did I really do? I miss her badly and wanted to marry her one day.


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  • Telling her you loved her so soon gave the impression you move quickly when you have strong feelings... but then you stall out. I could see how she may have questioned your feelings and future intentions. It sounds to me like you were infatuated with her in the beginning, but you both don't sound like either of you are at the relationship maturity level to make a big commitment like marriage. Her reasons may seem petty to you but they are not to her. In the future, slow down the declaration of love. 2 weeks is only enough time to love what you see so far.


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  • Sounds like she didn't like the fact you didn't talk about future things, and she didn't think you were showing enough of a commitment to her. It seems she also compared it to your last relationships, seeing as how you have pictures of you and your ex's and things like that. Having that and no pictures with her on your Facebook must have been a big deal to her too.


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