Help Im still in love with this guy, what is he doing?

My ex broke up with me 3 months ago due to confusion, and feeling lost in relationships, and an enormously busy work schedule (he is a corporate big wig). I haven't seen him since. He calls and texts daily. He broke down and told me he wanted to be with me, blah blah but when I push the issue of when are we going to see each other it never happens. He even said he does love me. He knows I've dated too but he doesn't show any jealousy. He just kind of steps back.
What is he doing?
He calls me to tell me stuff about work, articles he has read, offers he has been given, things we both have interests in. Tells me Im great, good person, and the only women he actually made love to in years. ( He has had sex, not made love)


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  • You should do anything to make this relationship work then if your happy take risk and go after what you want try moving close to him or communicate with each other about what each other wants in a relationship and where does he see you guys going and what does he think about moving in with each other and him communicating by texting and calling is a good sign on his part he's showing how dedicated he is to making this work and i think you both should move in together you both sound very lonely without each other and i think you guys would work good together living with each other both will be happy and see each other everyday he's probably confused by the stress of supporting himself work and trying to have a relationship or make things work due to his busy life and all the responsibilites he carries on everyday


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