Should I text the ex to feel it out?

So lately the ex has been texting me. Its not every day or every week its about once a month. Every one i talk to says that she is still interested in me. I was going to send a message saying something and see how that goes. What do you guys think? Yes, she is an ex for a reason.


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  • Your last sentence is proof that you shouldn't. Do you think it will work this time? If you think it CAN work, then go for it. If you honestly think she is an ex for a reason, then no.

    • Don't take this advice OP.

      "Ex's for a reason" is a pathetic argument against ex's getting back together. As long as you know why you guys broke up in the first place, you can get back together.

    • LOL clearly you didn't read my answer right.

    • We don't even know why OP's ex broke up with him for (or vice versa). If it's something serious like cheating, then fair enough OP should move on, but if it's something relatively stupid then OP can go on try to win her back.

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  • I would send her a text because at least she shows that she cares about you weather thats as a friend or girlfriend she still shows she cares about you anyone that takes time out to show they care about you regardless of what happen to you guys in the past leave it in the past because she's worth keeping in your life its always great to know someone cares about you

  • I feel like you left out the most important piece of information for us to be able to answer which is how you feel about her?

    • The most recent contact that we had was on her birthday that was Wednesday. I sent a text saying happy birthday, then she said THANKS ANDREW!!! Then she continued the conversation asked how i was and what is new with me. We made some jokes and at one point she asked if we can run a business together.

  • Don't do it , exes are exes for a reason man


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  • She probably still is, but is keeping you on tabs. She's starting to realise the grass isn't greener on the other side.

    This is what you do: cut ALL contact with her. Don't answer her texts for a while. This will drive her crazy. When it gets to a point, send her a text saying you've been really busy and ask if you guys can meet up.

    When you meet, and only if you do, make it short, maybe 1 hour tops and tell her you're busy and leave her there. Look back when you walk away, she'll be looking at you I promise.

    From then, 1-2 weeks no contact. Then have a date (do the same as above). After that go on more meaningful dates and make it official again.

    Good luck

    • you neeed to re-read my answer. thanks.

    • which is why i said that if he THINKS it can work, then to go for it. I never said exs are an ex for a reason. I was saying what he said.

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