"Ill keep that in mind" What to make of it?

I've emotionally invested in a young woman for the first time in a long time. I have made my feelings known by telling her directly how I feel. Her response "Ill Keep that in mind".

She's a good 5/6 months out of a long term relationship which came to a end because of a truly bad break up. It's quite clear she want's and needs time. (Of which I am understanding and accepting of).
(Of course baby steps are required here in terms of her past relationship and grievance of it. I will not rush nor force anything to happen out of respect for her feelings)

My question is does "Ill keep that mind" mean a polite No, or is it something I should hang onto in the hope she is ready to jump back into the relationship roller coaster in her own good time?


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  • I suggest that you erase both these options from your mind, and that you simply follow up with your feelings. Slowly, of course, considering her situation, but enough to assert that you aren't simply waiting for her to make the first move after having put your feelings on her shoulders. I doubt she'd do that. Don't just wait and see, I don't think coming out of a long term relationship that ended badly she'd look forward to dating someone passive. Show her you care, and let her comfortably come to the realization that you may be worth opening up to someone again.

    • Cheers, I honestly had the mind set of just waiting it out and seeing what unfolded. Ill take you'r advise on board !

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  • How long have you known her?

    What exactly did you say to her?


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