Why do men start talking to their ex's again?

I've had two ex's start talking to me again in the past week, one I haven't heard from in a year and who is married, and the other I haven't heard from in two years and he says he just went through a rough break up. So I'm just wondering, are they really just curious about how I'm doing or are there likely other reasons they've started talking to me again?


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  • Maybe they thought about good times from when you were together and it made them nostalgic, so they just wanted to say hi. Maybe they're looking for easy sex. Or maybe they're just simply keeping in touch. It's hard to say.


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  • Well I've thought about contacting one in particular, but I'd be interested in seeing how they all are doing. It's possible I might have an interest in her, but it's pretty unlikely. I just liked her as a person. I doubt I'd want a relationship with her. I keep putting it off lol.


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  • Your an excellent rebound/side for the married man & the other wants another chance.


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