What is my ex-girlfriend playing at?

Hi All. Basically my girlfriend became very jealous and possessive after 4 months of being together. I was getting daily abuse for not being good enough for her, not being able to cook, wanting to see my friends once a week etc (she has insecurities from her previous long term relationship).

Anyway. We ended it two weeks ago. (She did). So I cut off contact and spent time with friends (house party, dance class and football) to heal my pain.

A few days later she called me and asked me if I loved her. I said of course. She then said I should have gone to her place asking her for another chance if I loved her after our break up instead of going out.

Remember - she broke off with me.

I said I was broken after 3 weeks of constant verbal abuse I had from here. I just listened calmly when she was shouting at me telling her I will do my best, tell me how to do it better etc. Her answer typically would be - you should know.. Then we said let's go for a break.

I gave her a call one week later to give her flat keys back. I said wished things worked out differently and she said if I begged her instead of partying, she would have given me another chance and now its one week too late.

I walked away didn't say much. I was hurt. She asked me about my weekend plans and I said I have lunch with one of our female friends (we both know her). She said - why dont you go and f*** her? and walk away.

I can't understand her. I tried to please her. Never good enough and why this not begging her straight away after she broke up with me was an issue. Also she is the one who broke up with me so does it matter who I see for lunch?

Have you come across people like this before?


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  • No I have not really come across anyone like this. I also know the first time someone would disrespect me in such a way, I would be out the door because I don't allow anyone to disrespect me.

    Secondly, she is obviously wounded from past relationships and she acts like a psycho because of it... and you clearly feed into it everytime. Dont play her game as you have been doing. Its just a way for her to manipulate and control you to validate what she already feels. Good luck.


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  • What a bitch expecting you to "beg" for another chance. She's got a major internal, psychological problem which you shouldn't have to deal with. Move on breddah.

  • Tell her to fuck off. Gah! I have no patience for that brand of shit.


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