Could this be my ex boyfriend coping with the break up?

My ex boyfriend basically broke up with me due to his crazy schedule. He works from 4:00am-2:30pm and has an emt class from 6:00-10:00pm and some days from 4:00pm-10:00pm.

EMT class is no joke. It's his third time taking it and it's his last chance to take it at the best school in the state.

He hasn't passed it before because it was basically him and his mom living together since his dad walked out on them. (The dad came back last year but did not make an effort to look for a job) So from September- December (his second chance,) he was juggling work, school, his girlfriend, and overtime.

There would be many times where we would be watching a movie and he would literally knock out right there. And I would get very annoyed thinking that he just wasn't interested in paying attention of me. (I'm a really nice girl by the way lol)

His mom said that he's still in love with me but he literally has no time for a girlfriend. All he does is sleep and study. He had told her 'I really dont wanna hurt her. But I can't put myself in a situation where my girlfriend is giving me all of this affection and I can't do the same for her. It wouldn't be fair. I don't want to constantly have that worry that my girlfriend is mad at me cause I can't see her or even call her because of work or because I have to study or because im too tired.

On top of everything they're about to be evicted.

We went out for a whole year and he rarely saw his friends because they were all too busy. But his mom told me yesterday that there have been 2 times after the break up that he's gone off with them and he's come back right at 2:30am. He just changes and gets ready for work. What do you guys think?

he's not the kind that sleeps around or anything either. He would talk about me to everyone, he even told his mom in November that he couldn't see himself without me! Everyone can see that he's a really nice, smart guy. He literally gets along with everyone.
He just simply cannot be in a relationship. And sure, he's gone out with his friends recently but people have told me that it was a smart move for him to break up with me cause a relationship is a lot of work and there may have been constant arguing
.. Constant arguing between us two because he would've been so focused on his class and all :/


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  • If he really liked you then he would make it work. I don't accept excuses

    • Put yourself in his shoes though, that is way too much for someone to handle!

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  • omg this is sad :( i really think this guy likes you a lot like he's a good guy like really good for you stay loyal and stick by his side you guys need to be with each other again i read this and I don't know you but you guys just need to get back together whatever you do please don't give up on this one remain close and be there as much as you can please dont give up on a good guy you deserve happiness seeing your sad faces makes me sad i honestly feel like he's a good one and i would try to get into new activities or something you stay busy the times he's busy and send him good morning and goodnight text and talk to him whenever you guys can :)

    • I'm really heartbroken</3 :( I love him but he simply cannot be in a relationship at the moment. I miss him so much.I don't wanna give up. For right now he said 'i don't wanna be in a relationship.' But it really seems like he still does have feelings for me.

      I mean he can't give up school or work. I've always encouraged him to follow his dream of being a firefighter. I just didn't know he would have to sacrifice the woman he loved :(

    • I think you should remain as a friend and stay close to him if you really love him or have feelings for him then wait for him and focus on yourself and your dreams but remain being supportive and talking to him in some kind of way even if he doesn't reply let him know you will always care and be there for him he would want you to do the same follow your dreams and do what makes you happy and then when you guys are both in a secure financially stable spot think about moving in with each other and then you can see him all the time and he can follow his dreams and you both can in the same area and everything living together would bring you guys even closer but waiting and supporting him until you guys can would help plus you focusing on you and doing what makes you happy will also make things stronger for you guys sooner or later you both are going to half to move out and you guys both half to be willing to make time for each other and moving into together would make that happen maybe

    • and moving in together would make that happen maybe not moving in right away but in the near future

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