Should i tell her that he is cheating?

I had a lover, we were meeting for 6 months, he is engaged and i knew it and it wasn't a problem for me..

But lately i started feeling guilty and that this what i did is completely wrong.. I decided to change, to stop seeing him, i deleted his number..

But i know he cheated not only with me and he is going to meet with another girl eventually,, he has fake fb account where he meets other girls, i told him :
" stop doing this , delete this fake account because if not i am going to tell everything to your girlfriend!"

He said ok, it was 2 weeks ago but as i see he still has this fake account, still meeting girls i am sure !

I would like to tell his fiancee everything, even if she won't believe she will always have some doubts? she should know with who she is engaged , right?


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  • Let her know. Think what would you feel like if your fiancee was cheating on you up till marriage, would you like someone to have told you?


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  • Please let his fiance know what he is doing. Send it anonymously if you would like but let them know. there is nothing worse than getting married and finding out that your spouse is a cheater.


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  • Please tell his fiancĂ© before she marries this prick.


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