Do you still have a spark with an ex? Do you believe it ever goes away?

Have you ever had an ex where no matter what you do, or what has happened, or how much time has passed, or how many have come and gone in between, the spark doesn't die? Like, you have to actively remind yourself why the relationship failed or why they aren't good for you after interacting with them?

I mean the exes you are 'over' so to speak, and don't actively 'want back'...

I have two exes that I have to go out of my way to remind myself why I can't allow myself to like them again, even after brief encounters in clubs or the supermarket, and no matter how long between run ins - no matter how long since we dated or who I've dated since. I just can't shake the feeling of feeling connected to them when we speak.

Both of these REALLY hurt me too. The two worst breakups of my 5 or so serious relationships...

Then there's some other of my exes who I wouldn't feel a thing if they started a conversation with me. I feel very indifferent to them.

Does this happen to anyone else? do you believe a spark will stay in every broken relationship, or that if you are over them, it always goes away? Or do you feel indifferent to all your exes?

  • Spark. Every Ex.
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  • Not every ex, but spark with the special ones.
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  • I feel indifferent to all of my exes.
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  • Uhhwhat. My exes all make me want to hurl
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Most Helpful Guy

  • That chemistry is extremely powerful. I don't know how to turn it off. I have a couple of exes that I would get back with in a minute. There are lots of great reasons why not, starting with the fact that I'm married, but if one of them called me to get together, I'm pretty confident I wouldn't be able to resist.

    • Its a strange thought. When its there... its an incredibly powerful thing. I think it weirds me out cause I don't actively think about the regularly... but as soon as there's contact, I have to actively remind myself not to jump into bed with them or get too close

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What Guys Said 1

  • What made you like your ex is probably still there. Unfortunately, what made you break up is probably still there too.


What Girls Said 5

  • One time I thought I did but really it was just lust for physical contact on both our parts, the 'spark' I felt was gone when I had gotten with my current boyfriend.

  • Not ever ex...that this one particular one. For some reason he told me I was "special" and he took my virginity at the age 19 still remember the day May 5 2008 a few before graduation. He was about 5yr older than me.We used to go at it like rabbits...but all good things has to come to an end.

  • Not every ex, but there haven't been so many - but with most exes, yes, there's a spark. And it never goes away.

  • One of my exes I'd get back together with when he gets back to the country if he wanted to. We ended more so on practical terms

  • what ex? I need to find a bf first in order to have an ex lol


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