Ex- girlfriend broke up wit me, wanted space which I gave her now liking my FB photos?


My ex-girlfriend ended our one year relationship 2 weeks ago saying we don't have a future together. I loved her but she was very controlling (didn't let me see my friends) and got verbally abusive towards the end. She has been treated badly by her past boyfriend. But everything was my fault. She was saying I should have been more intuitive with her which I tried but never good enough.

So I started going out with my friends again, exercising, training etc without contacting her. She then contacted me asking if I loved her I would have chased her instead of heading to the gym to forget her. (I was in pain after 3 weeks of verbal abuse therefore did not chase her).

One week after this, I called her to return her keys. She said I am all talk and if I wanted her back I would have tried that week. Its too late now even though I said I wanted to take the temper and anger out before we speak again.

I have done all I can so I said, okay. I will give you space and will go no contact. This will let me get on with my life.

One of my friends said maybe she went with someone over the weekend. I don't know (trying not to care too much) but I was focusing to move forward with my life and not to contact her.

I had a number of Facebook photo updates on Sunday - me biking, me with friends (female) and a very scenic FB cover.

Now she started liking my scenic and bike photos. Of coure none to pic with our common female friends.

Why would a woman who broke up with me saying there is no future, I had my chances and give her a break started liking my FB again? I find that very annoying.

I haven't unfriended her yet but for some reason these 'likes' did mess up my NC and recovery process.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thought I'd ask. Thank you.


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  • She is exercising another form of control and playing mind games with you. Move on.

    • Sorry for being dumb here. What could she gain from me from playing mind games? After all its her who wanted to end this. I did lover her but now am just focusing on getting on with my life.

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    • Thankyou Arwens. Much appreciated

    • You're welcome. Best of luck to you.

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  • It sounds to me like your Control freak Ex "con," let's call her, realizes she is missing out on a really good thing, has had second thoughts, And----wants second helpings-----hoping You'd chase yourself right back into her octopussy arms again, begging like a puppy to come home. That's Why the puppy dog eyes and whine as to "if you wanted me back, you would have tried."
    Now that you have given this little doggie her space as she wants, and skittered on yourself, this is making her frisky and jumpy, sweetie, and she is Hating it now that you're not around to do her bidding. She is making it her mission now, and missing what she was able to do to you, even, like "biting your hand," and most likely wants the two of you to be leashed together again. And, with her tail between her legs, she is trying to come home to you. This is why the "licking and liking" on FB... She is wagging her tail and trying to also get your attention and affection again.
    Don't fall for it. Even if you were to take her back, with all ties again, she most likely would treat "her master" as before, and you would end up, not only at your wit's end again, but without your furry female by you side once more. You Personally "have no future" with That.
    You've started a new life, you are NOW ABLE to be with your friends, which before, you were unable to do. Don't get in touch with her, don't get the ball rolling again. You can't trust her, she just wants back what she thinks she can't have now, and is merely bouncing you around like a red rubber ball. If you do happen to run into her, tell her: "You're barking up the wrong tree," and walk away.
    Good luck, and don't look back. xx

    • I didn't expect her to 'like' my photos after what she said to me - Let's go NC, we have no future, let's not speak or text for a while (she said it all before I can say anything). I just said okay then, cool, have a nice evening. Think she got together with someone on Saturday night but I am not losing sleep about it now.

      Reading through your messages I think you are right because she used to do this trick to me - telling me she needs space this evening so I don't visit and go off to the movies and later on she would ask me to come over after the movies cos she misses me..

      I am not going back.. I am feeling less upset being single than when I was in the relationship.

      Thank you for your advice.

    • Don't go back, sweetie.. keep going.. you can never trust her.. she just wants what she thinks she can't have, and this is like a challenge for this littl epup.. you will find someone more deserving of your Love.. Guys like you are hard to find, and need a special girl by their side.. Best of luck out there.. xx

  • Exactly what everyone else said. Block her out of your life in every way possible for your own peace of mind! You deserve the recovery.


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  • Abuse = leave me along, I need privacy (to do bad things maybe)
    but if/when these things don't work out
    I'll see if the last good thing can be attracted back to me
    until I get bored again and find someone else to ditch him for (again)

    • Thank you for your advice.

  • I bet if you start talking to her again she will stop liking the photos and ignore you again.

    Move on.


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