My ex said he loves me and I'm the one but he can't get back with me?

Within the 6 week break-up he's ignored me for 3 weeks blocking me on everything, then cried and told me how much I was his life and how much I'm one of a Kind yet he can't get back with me. Will he still care? Was it all a Show? How would guys feel after a 6 week break up? He also randomly text me the other day saying 'hey' but in the morning said he shouldn't of spoke to me


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  • he's feeling guilty about something i asked my guy friend about this question he thinks there was another girl involved i think he's carrying on guilt just not over the break up but he had to do something right after or during your guys relationship that he should of never been doing because come on now if a guy really likes or says all that stuff he would of immediately made things work or worked things out or got back together with you for him to block just goes to show he was hiding something and he didn't want you finding out about something he cared about you finding it because he blocked you to save himself him crying sounds like someones guilty and feeling bad about something i think he knew exactly what kind of girl you were a nice one and a good one and regrets doing whatever he was doing there's no telling if he stopped what he was doing because if he did he still would of came back meaning got back with you and he could of wanted to talk to you because things didn't go as plan with that other person or that other person barley cared as much as you did i would move on


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