Is it ok for a bf to give his #/ receive #'s from another girl?

My bf and I had an up and down relationship for a few years. He has a problem with talking to other women and has messed up a few times, worst case I know is him actually hanging out with his ex at a club but he never has admitted to actually cheating... Ever

We got into big arguments from this and he always says he's going to change but messes up again usually several months later. This last time is the longest time that I know of him being good to me, about a year and a half.

The night of of our anniversary is when it sort of started. He was being overly nice and telling me how much I mean to him, telling me he's going to treat me right from now on.
I thought good things really...

Then the next morning while waiting for him to get up, I hear his phone go off. So girl texted "herro how did last night/mornin go". Being confused I opened the message and read the chat. It was basically ten exchanging numbers at 6am the day of our anniversary. I was honestly enraged and felt like breaking up with him. The fact that he told me he was sleeping at that time irritated me even more. I pieced two and two together. Since he admitted to doing blow on the night of our anniversary, I thought he was doing it with her.

Also when looking at his msgs (yes I know snooping... i'm so bad) I found numbers saved in his notes, mostly girls answering when I called.

I'm so confused and hurt I don't know what to do
He was crying and swears he wasn't hanging out with her and he ran into her outside of his friends work place and she needed him to fix her car... But the way she was texting him didn't sound like she needed her car fixed.


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  • No, it's definitely not okay. He's been lying to you all the time. He's been talking to other girls behind your back. He doesn't sound like he respects you at all. Why do you keep giving him chances? Ask yourself, do you really think he can change? If he was willing to change, he would put way more effort in it.


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  • I think it is okay if he makes it clear to the girl that he has a girlfriend and just wants to be friends and tells you about all of this. That fact that he would lie and keep all of the secret is a red flag to me, especially with his past.


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