If an ex kisses his ex gf when he has girlfriend he supposedly loves, then why would he do it?

I wanted to be friends with my ex. I realize now it was a big mistake. He was my first love and I always believed I would have that special place for him. He kissed me and I accepted the kiss but he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend found out and he friends created a lot of drama. I am single currently. I was working on fixing myself before I can date again. If he kissed me and I accepted, i know we are both at fault but... what does that say about him? he is very emotionally unstable and i believe he should not have kissed me if he really loved his girlfriend.


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  • He absolutely should not have kissed you. That's on him. But you also shouldn't have kissed a man that was involved either.

    What do I think it means? He made a mistake, and he's probably not a man to be trusted at this point. It also sounds like distancing yourself from him would be a good idea just for your own well being.


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  • He may Not be completely over you, and She, in turn, could be this "Rebound Rebecca." It happens all the time. No, I wouldn't call him "emotionally unstable," but more like confused in his head and heart. And by planting a big wet one on your lips tells me he hasn't gotten over you, and it was this "heated moment" in which he got you both caught up in.
    You both need to talk. Things, no matter which way you or he may want them to go, do need to be addressed. Do this soon. xx

  • His a stupid hoe


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