How do you move on? Like really move on?

How do you really move on? How do you let someone go when you know you need to?

I walked away, there were too many obstacles in the relationship, mainly it was long distance and we both worked too many hours, didn't have enough time for each other. So we broke up. That was almost 6 months ago, we were together for 5-6 months, something like that. I walked away but I can't seem to move on. He still texts me, sometimes, I guess he hears things through mutual friends, I don't know.

I've gone out with other guys, I had a relationship with someone else in those 6 months that have passed. That other guy, I just found out is dating someone new, it didn't really bother me, I was happy for him. When he walks into my workplace, I don't feel like someone punched me in the gut but someone just saying my ex's name, its like I'm in a free fall.

How do I move on? I have to. My friends have noticed, because well, I'm turning down dates, nights out, fun times. I go out but I'm not alive like I used to be. They were so happy for me when I went out with the new guy, I was too. I thought I was moving on but then we broke up, I basically forgot about his existence but my ex, he was still there, on my mind. The only time he wasn't on my mind was when I was dating the other one. I've blocked his messages, stopped taking the calls but its so hard.


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  • Force yourself to keep busy, you may still think about him, but the more busy you are the less you will think about him until it goes away.

    I was in the same situation, my first love and I broke up and then after a while I dated a guy for two years! The whole time i still wasn't over him, as bad as it sounds, I didn't realise at the time that I was using that new guy to distract myself but when I finally let the thought of my first love go, I let the new guy go as well. If I could do it again I wouldn't have dated anyone until I was over it.. Now being single, I'm lonely but I want to give myself a chance to find who I am.
    It used to hurt so bad hearing his name, seeing him so happy with his current girlfriend but would just have to think that I was only in love with the idea/ memory of him, he wasn't same person I fell in love with and there was a good reason we broke up.

    • I wish keeping busy was all it took. I work 2 full time jobs and train for endurance racing, I'm working an absolute minimum of 12 hours every day, 7 days week. I'm always doing something. The keep-busy tactic has never worked for me unless I work myself down to exhaustion to where I really don't have the energy anymore. I guess I just have to hope time heals.

    • It will heal, I mean you are always going to have those things that just will always remind you of him and eventually you'll see those things and it won't hurt as much.
      There really isn't much you can do but to just wait.

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  • I would be thankful it was 5 months and not a roller coaster of 4 years like it is for me. If you feel like you guys could have worked out if you guys worked around each others schedules then I'd try to talk to him. It all depends how long he's been with that new girl. You don't wanna be a homewrecker..

    • He's not with someone new, the other guy that came after him is. We could have made it work if it hadn't been long distance. We could have done it, that's what still bugs me after all these months. But yes, I am lucky. That's why I walked away and why I can't understand why I haven't moved on, it was only 5 months. 5 amazing months but that's not a long time.

    • hmmmm i misread that sorry.
      Welllll Then by all means... talk to him. voice how much you miss him. as for the distance, I don't know how far apart you too live... that could also play an important factor.

  • You have to realize its for the best and learn from mistakes


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