If a guy goes back to a girl from his past, does he have feelings for her?

My relationship has been off and on for the past few months, distance is a conflict and he says we're having intimacy issues. My boyfriend used to be friends with benefits with a girl before we started dating. They're actually really close friends (she kinda liked him before) and she hangs out with his group of friends sometimes. I found out that he kissed her a couple months into our relationship. One night he was drunk texting her saying she's so cute and sexy and there's just "something" about her and that she's a great girl. Do those texts mean anything? He apologized for kissing her but then he continued talking to her (as friends) but he was also asking to meet up with her.

Does he like her or just want to hook up or both? :S


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  • He probably likes her AND Wants to hook up.


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  • not at all. It just means he keeps her around for sex, attention or drama..


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