Would a guy get discouraged about a girl if she let him kiss her on the first date?

So I went out with this guy I met about a month ago, who is 10yrs older than me, I'm on my 20's he's on his 30's. First time we met it was just a nice conversation and a few cheek kisses and hugs, he even asked me "What do you look for in a man?" and after giving my answer, I asked "And what do you look for in a woman?". We have spent the day before texting for about 7hrs, not on continuity tough. On our second time meeting (and officially first date) we establish we had physycal attraction for each other, but that we needed to get to know each other better to see if there was something we don't like about each others personality. ok. As we were talking I was seating next to him and he suddenly grabbed me and put me on his lap, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheeks, he kissed mine back and said he loved my kisses. At the end we kissed on the lips, nothing big, just sweet kisses, but he used his tongue a little. I told him I liked him a lot and he said he liked me too, I grabbed his hand and caress his fingers in a very sweet way, he said he was enjoying it, then I caress his hair. And would randomly kiss his cheek. After our date was over I kissed him good night in the lips, and he text me to make sure I made it home ok. Next day I text him hello, he replied an hour later saying he had his phone off and said he was busy, I then asked him about a personal problem he had told me about during our date, and he never replied again. I did it because I wanted to show him that I cared about what he told me and just wanted to know how everything was. I text him a day later apologizing if I had offended him and saying that was never my intention, still, no reply. :(

If he said he really liked me why was he offended by me asking about something he decided to share with me in the first place?

Or did he got discouraged because I let him kissed me too soon?

I'm so confused!
He just called me and everything is all right now! I feel BETTER!! He says he still likes me and explained what happened, it was a very strong reason. :)


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  • No I don't think he got offended by you asking about his personal problem. He was probably just really busy. And I don't think he got discouraged by you guys kissing.

    There's a chance he thought your apology was a little odd, and maybe it came off as kinda insecure or needy. I'm just being totally honest and that's just a guess on my part.

    Who knows, maybe his personal problem resurfaced and he just needs some time to be quiet and work on it?

    Give him some time and see if he gets back to you.

    • Yeah thanks he just called and explain everthing, so I feel much BETTER! Thanks!

    • Glad it worked out for you. Good luck! Thanks for MH. :)

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