(GUYS) when a girl who youve had a relationship with gives up on you because of your bad habits or ways have you ever tried reaching out to her? Why?

Basically I left someone special to me in which I've been dealing with for about a year now and he was upset about God knows what so he threw the biggest fit said to leave him alone hung up the phone on me I texted him that he was pushing me away no response soo an hour later I told him that I didn't want to try n love him anymore that I give up on him and that I wanted him to delete everything about me from his phone to forget my address blah blah blah I went in... anyways

Guys no matter how heated things got between you and someone you loved afterhaving time to cool off after the breakup during that time did you ever think that you actually was wrong? And u knew she was a great girl so you eventually reached out to her and if so why? To apologize, for the sex, because you needed her back, etc?

I love this guy so much and liked him too but his temper was out of control he never raised his hand to me but anytime something didn't go his way he got pissed and punished me by not speaking to me hanging up the phone on me, etc and im just looking for hope I guess in the future... hope that it is possible that he can put aside his pride and realize his mistake and realize how much i cared for him and maybe come back to... I know im wrong for this but I love him


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