What is the best way to forget my horrible ex?

I met this stunning girl 7 months ago and fell for her. She had 2 kids from her previous marriage (I have no attachments).

Basically we had an amazing 5 months until she told me (while drunk) that she can separate being in love and being comfortable and she just wants to be comfortable. She does not think I can give her a comfortable life.

I do have a good job with good salary at this moment (which can change any moment). I looked after her all the time (not paying her mortgage yet but she will expect it soon).

One day I found out that she has a crazy rage and temper which she has been hiding for 4 / 5 months (which I saw regularly since then). Then she started putting me down in the way that she destroyed my confidence and ability to focus on my work. No empathy from here. I am doing everything wrong but I did my very best.

We broke up 2 weeks and I should feel relieved and I did but I am missing her. She was horrible to me last month and basically if I stayed for longer she would have destroyed me.

I should be using these a a fuel to forget her. Now she started posting nice pretty photos of her on FB, flirting with her ex and others etc. I've been in relationships before but the last one was for 8 years so maybe I forgot how to get over an ex quickly.

I am using my brother's account here. I am 37, in a great shape but my age maybe that is the reason I was feeling nervous (feeling old etc) . My ex was 31.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Old at 37? I must be ancient at 39 - NOT! You were about to start paying her mortgage? Two kids? You have no baggage? And you're still pining for her? Please don't take this the wrong way, but are you insane?

    I think you need to stop dating all together, go to the gym, focus on your career, enjoy a hobby or sport, hang out with good friends, etc. until you can fully learn to appreciate and LOVE YOURSELF.

    I thought these kind of things only happened to women. LOL. This girl is an example of how really horrible women change good guys. Work on yourself. Forget the girl. Once you learn to live you life in confidence, trust me the perfect girl will show up. You are special, believe that. And never beg for someone's time when they don't even deserve yours.

    • Thank you. Great advice and I will follow it! :)

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  • To totally get rid of her in your life, throw away anything she gave you, and burn the letters or love notes she wrote toyou.

    • Thanks.. All done now.. :)

  • Do something you like to do, find another gf in place of her and just ignore her completely.

  • I wish my man would be more loving my god... so here is the thing and don't take it the wrong way but you sound a bit like captain save a whore and she was the whoa. She used you and when she hooked you she let the real side he come out. My saying she needs comfort she basically said she needs money and the whole break down your self esteem thing was to hook you deeper so you felt you couldn't leave. Don't date another women with kids I can tell you that right now, that was your first mistake... Id say know your worth remember how wonderful things were before her and go from there.


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  • -When you DO think of her, remember all of the bad times (unfortunately, these seem to be plentiful)
    -Cut of ALL ties and forms of contact with her. 100% cut her out. Delete her old texts, remove her as a contact, get rid of her email from your favorites, delete her on FB, etc., etc.)
    -Do fun and positive things in your life, and spend time with people that are good for you

    • Thank you. I will do that

  • fastest way to forget an ex is find someone to take her place.

    but as a start i would delete her from your Facebook ... the reminders aren't going to help.

    i wouldn't worry too much about your age. it really shouldn't be too hard to still pull at your age, chicks that are in their mid 20s (assuming you are well groomed, have a decent enough job, and are 'in great shape for your age'). just depends on what you want i guess.

    you just need to remember that the person from the first 4 months is gone. she died, and was replaced with a monster that looked just like her. miss the first one all you like, but she isn't around, so you can't hope to get it back.

    • Thank you. Very much appreciated

  • Get a prostitute (if you can find one lol), cheap, simple, and easy.


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