At what point do you decide to break up? You come that point suddenly or it takes time?

Boths girls and boys, at what point do you decide to break up even though you love him/her? You come that step by step or just an instant do you finish the relationship?


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  • It depends I think. With my first long term boyfriend it was a gradual build up, things started happening for about two months and then we I broke up with him. I absolutely loved him, but things went wrong over and over and I ended it. One of my other boyfriends, it was SO sudden. We went out the day before and he was lovey and we were having a great time and then the next day when I woke up, he broke up with me. It was very shocking. It just depends on the situation I think

    • Also, I don't think I would ever suddenly, spontaneously decide to break up with someone. I think a lot about things like that. I've only ever broken up with one boyfriend though, the others have broken up with me. (Must be something wrong with me but that's a different conversation) oh well!

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  • It's a thought out process for me. I feel the need to make sure thoughts are straight and true, before I go out breaking up with someone. They deserve as much.


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