Is my ex-girlfriend jealous after dumping me?

My ex-gf broke up with me saying she does not see a future with me for more than one or two years (she wants to go back to Europe ). We were together for 6 months.

It was an interesting relationship. She was very possessive but I loved her. Whatever I did for her it was never enough.

She broke up with me expecting me to beg her to take me back straight away but I didn't (I gave her 3 days space to cool down) so she kicked off shouting I had my chance to fight for her before saying goodbye to me.

One week after we broke up, her car had engine trouble so I called to see if she is okay. I told her (stupidly that I miss her). She said its over and she gave me many chances for me (basically wanted me to stay in all the time). She told me not to text her again. So I said okay I won't.

Then she told me to have a nice weekend. I said I am going for a lunch with one of our females friends who used to have a crush on me. She basically then said - go sleep with her!!!

Since then I have not contacted her. She did add like to my Facebook cover photo (might not mean anything) and changed her profile photo to a very nice photo (to the delights of her ex bfs ).

I am staying calm. I don't understand. Why would she get jealous with our common friends if she broke up with me and doesn't want me back.

Since then I went out with our common female friends. She used to like all our pics but now she only likes the ones of the girls who does not hang out with me (they are all mates).

She should have let me be. Am I correct? I will never understand women :(

I am going for Non Contact now. Will live my life and if she contacts me, great. If not I will miss her but will let her go. She is 31 so I am expecting a more mature behavior.
Is my ex-girlfriend jealous after dumping me?
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