My ex said I am not good enough but not willing to show me how I can do better!!!?

This is embarrassing but at least I am posting as anon.
Basically I met this girl a year go and been going out with her for 7 months. I thought we were on to something good. I had fun. I loved her and looked after her well (paid for meals and looked after her the best I can). She is very possessive and likes putting me down.
She broke up with me a few weeks ago saying that there is no future between us. It came as a surprise for me as I thought everything was going well and she was saying how much she looked forward to living with me etc.
I took it on the chin and went for non contact.
She called me on Skype last night and basically outlined her expectations.
- She wanted me to spend all the time with her and maybe see my friends once a week
- I am quite calm and she is very fiery. Whenever she shouts at me I just relax and stay calm. She hates that. She wants me to argue back with her like her ex did.
- Sex – now she is very adventurous. My last two girlfriends were maybe too conservative. I asked her to let me know her preference and her answer would be I would expect a guy to know everything. I am not going to show (?)
- Saying this relationship feels like a friendship – no spark.
Then she told me off for seeing my friends and going out after our break up.
I knew she wanted money and etc from me but as a Man am I expected to know everything? I thought relationships are about compromise and learning together. She said she made up her mind about me from observing in the first 4 months of our relationship (without saying a word).
I don’t even know if I should fight for her. My pride was quite wounded and I just want to walk away.

Have you come across this before?


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  • Dude walk away. A relationship is supposed to be give and take, compromise and mutual respect. I'm not getting any of that from what I read. I haven't personally been through your scenario but I had an ex who was also controlling and would love for me to only do what he wanted, how and when. You need your friends, no partner should ever dictate who you can and can not talk to.

    • Good point. I never picked this up until you mentioned it. How silly of me. She never let me tell her my expectations and it was all about her. Wow.. you are good. Thank you!!!

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