What do you think he meant by this?

My ex (broke up in August ) texted me Saturday night saying how he wants to get back together how he still has feelings for me and that he messed up by breaking up with me and like discussing the reason why we broke up. (He was drunk so it took it at face value) he was saying how he wants to give us a second try and and all that stuff. The next day he texted me saying how he was so wasted but that he remembered what he said. I asked if he meant any of it and he said yeah and that we should take things slow for now. Well he hasn't texted me since but last night I texted him asking if he wanted to hook up (bc we're kind of fuck buddies) and we were going to but couldn't bc he was at his parents house. Later that night he tweeted "talking to you again brings back a lot of old emotions I don't want to deal with #itsthelittlethingsinlife #truth" I'm trying to figure out if this was about me and if so what he meant by it. Any thoughts?


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  • It means he doesn't just want to be ''fuck buddies'' anymore but is having a hard time grasping the situation, he's not ready for what he wants so that's why he had an alibi for not wanting to hook up. Take things slow, don't get so sexual so fast, invest some more emotions first... It seems like he's considering the fucking as something much more intimate than how it used to be the last time between you two.
    'its the little things in life' by this he means spending time with you, enjoying the walk instead of running to the destination; he probably wants to savour the relationship and take as much time possible with it. He must really like you, but he might not be all that aware of it, good luck.

    • Wow that was really helpful!! I'm just confused bc he hasn't texted me at all or asked to hangout or anything

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    • We hooked up once in January and IK it brought back feelings for me but I don't know how he felt. Just wish I knew instead of wondering and waiting

    • I feel you.. I say go on with your life, if it's meant to be it will take place naturally without the anticipation and over thinking.

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  • it means that you need to move on and find a more stable situation. clearly he has mixed emotions. I don't know why you broke up but it sounds like there are still issues hanging around from the break up.


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  • I think it could be about you, but I also don't really know how he means it, maybe you should carefully try to ask him about it?


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