I use to be clingy but now I am not, can I still get my ex bf back?

We`d broken up because I was smothering him but I have changed. I know he still has a little gift I`d given him but can I still get him back?

I get to see him next week for a volunteering thing. Can i still get him back?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The best thing you can do is be stand offish even ignoring him that will make him curios about your situation and when he inquires stay mysterious and stick too your guns if you do he will call you

    • I see what you mean. Do you mean like disappear from where we usually meet up (we've decided to be friends after we broke up and we both go there) or go there but not speak to him?

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    • OP, please, please, PLEASE, don't play games with exs. You need to be straight forward.

    • Do not worry. I did not take his advice. At first it sounded good but I really care about this guy.

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What Guys Said 4

  • you went not being clingy to get him back? are you sure you aren't clingy yet? It probably will last young lady till you have him back :) analyze yourself better.

    Apologies I'm not being judgmental nor accusing you of anything. While I appreciate your trying to change things for the better, why I ask you to analyze yourself is cause you didn't change till he didn't take a terminal decision :)

    • I understand what you're saying but I did analyze myself and I know if he returns to me, I`ll let him have space because I understand that guys need their personal space. No problem :)

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    • I understand. Thank you :)

    • Thank you for understanding what I meant :) while you are always welcome with pleasure :)

  • there's always a chance, my ex was very clingy and controlling. as for me, Id never want my ex back. I dont like being controlled

    • I don't think I was controlling much. More clingy than controlling but if your ex apologized and swore she changed, and you still had good memories from her, would you take her back?

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    • I do not see him until Monday.

    • wait until Monday.. I gotta wait until Thursday :(

  • Maybe. You really need to show him that you have indeed changed, but don't force feed it so to speak.

    Act really happy and friendly with him at this volunteering convention next week, and possibly touch him a bit too.

    From then you can gauge his interest level and re ask him out again.

    • I wish I could choose you but I already chose best answer :( Thanks though!

    • You can chose me as your new boyfriend haha ;)

    • Haha. In case you did not read it, "Do not worry. I did not take his advice. At first it sounded good but I really care about this guy." Best answer is worst answer. You are the true best answer.

  • You can try talking to him and see what his thoughts are.

    • I could. Thanks y'all!

What Girls Said 1

  • Assuming he's not with anyone, and you can prove to him that youve changed, there's a good chance he'll take you back, but if he's with someone and/or you dont prove to him that youve changed, then there's a good chance he won't take you back.


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