Anyone else not interested in dating after divorce?

I had married my high school sweetheart. I'm nearing. 30 now and divorced over a year ago.

I'm still getting used to learning about myself and being on my own and I love it. But honestly, I always have had such an easy time attracting guys. And well, I'm not getting younger... I don't go out much, I don't flirt and don't have any guys number. I feel like I should be out there having fun, but I don't.

Everyone is having "fun". I'm more focused on myself, which is still new.

I just wonder if I'm supposed to push myself or open myself to the idea of a relationship? Really curious if anyone else is in this position. Feeling like you are supposed to, feeling like now is the best time, but not at all interested...
Also wanted to mention, I am 100% over my ex. I miss nothing.


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  • I think you're supposed to just live life and do what you love to do, and eventually instead of you looking for a relationship, you'll suddenly find yourself in one without purposely trying hard to get one.


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  • if you dont feel ready don't push yourself


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