Could a guy get offended this easily? (see details)

So me and this guy whom I have known for one month now went out this last Monday (To have dinner, nothing fancy tough) and we are getting to know each other, he told me he likes me a lot and I told him I like him a lot too, we kissed and hugged for the first time. We were on his car and he was telling me about a problem he is going through, which requires him to have a lawyer and he told me things were getting complicated and that he had a lot of things going through his mind, and he considered his life being a mess right now, he was comfortably lying his head on my shoulder as he was telling me this. Anyway, I listened to him and didn't really knew how to answer, but he thank me for listening to his problems. Two days later (yesterday) I text him to ask him if he had spoken to his lawyer and if everything was ok, I did this to show him I care for what he trusted me with, and NOT for being nosy. And he never answered, he just ignored me, I called him and nothing. Then I sent him a text apologizing if that have offended him, and still no reply. Why would he be offended? or could it be something else? how long should I wait to give up on him or to move on? Things seemed to be so well between us, and he choose to tell me all that.

I forgot to say, the problem he is going trough greatly affects our relationship.


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  • I couldn't imagine him getting offended cuz of that. he's the one that confided in you. Prob something else. How long would I give him? I guess it depends some on how much you like him. he's going through a tough time so id be a little more patient than normal.

    • You are right, and I'm almost sure it's something else, I'll just wait for him to contact me. And if he never do it, then at least I can say I tried my best with him. I like him a lot but is not like I'll wait forever while he keeps ignoring me. Thanks a lot for your answer.

    • You're welcome :) thanks for mh

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  • This sounds like something my bro went through and maybe just maybe...he's in jail. He could have been trying to tell you but didn't want to fully divulge all the personal details of the court trial and things with the lawyer. I seriously don't think he would get all but hurt when your just trying to be caring and understanding of what he is going through.

  • I dont see why he would be offended. May be doesn't like talking about it anymore


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  • Girl leave him honestly I went through something like this just don't even bother, I hate when they go on ghost mode.

    • Yeah this

    • He should of appreciated your concern. . If a girl had cared enough for me to ask that would have gone along way.. You're better off and deserve more

    • I learned that you can't be too nice/caring, you can care but have your limits, he could of texted you a short sweet response but he left you hanging cold, so don't bother, always assume the best in people but be realistic it's a balance.

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