Long Distance Boyfriend Break Up?

We live 12 hours apart and have been together 8 months. He came and saw me about 3 months ago and I made plans to go to him in July. But, yesterday we broke up. I was looking on his Facebook like I occasionally do since we are friends on Facebook only to find out he put up on Wednesday "wcw Meghan just saying" and then of course tagged her in it. Wcw = women crush Wednesday for all who dont know. I have no idea who this girl is. But, he says its just a friend also, he has never done a "wcw" before. Personally I consider this cheating. Did I go over board by leaving him. Honestly, my feelings were hurt pretty bad he choose another girl over me. Not only that he likes ever single on of her post and pictures (I scrolled through 20 things on her wall). All my friends say that it was right to leave him because be did that and most peoples mcm/wcw is their boyfriend/girlfriend. He even said he wanted to marry me and then he turns around and does this. Why?
Sorry for the typos I'm on a cell phone.


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What Guys Said 1

  • As I understand you were long distance friends and had no physical contact for long time. Many things can be said or shown not correct in this type of relationship. Meeting a person face to face several times helps in understanding him / her. Do not be much emotional and trust your heart for love and ever lasting relationship. Using brain may misguide you, it is good to develop logic, but not as good for developing relationship.

    • We went to college together a year ago. We were in a relationship. We weren't just friends. Didn't you see the "8 months" part

What Girls Said 1

  • Guys have very different sexual thrills compared to girls. He must be enjoying it, but not involved in serious matters. If you doubt him - ask him directly and fix the matter. I do not find any reason to end relationship with him for you.

    • I already left him... I don't trust him after this. Why would I?

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