Should I trust his words? Have you experienced something similar?

A few weeks after he told me he liked me, he said that when we first met he was seeing a girl and he was still seeing her because she was in a difficult situation and he couldn't tell her about it. He told me that he had feelings for both and as time passed his feelings for her changed to care and his feelings for me grew stronger. (What he told me)

I felt like he's betrayed my trust and was playing with me because he didn't tell me something this important. It's still strange for me how he fell for two people at the same time. What do you think I should do? Should I trust his words when he says he loves me and he thinks our personalities match better?
I feel like if he'd told me earlier none of this would have happened.


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  • My trust for him would definitely be compromised because of the initial the OTHER girl. I would have trouble trusting him, but thats just me.

    • Yeah I know. It felt like I did something wrong. If I knew he was with someone else, I wouldn't have let it lead to this.

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    • Well girl, all I can say is keep your eyes open. You know more about the situation than I do. And you know more of who HE is than I do. Trust is important in any relationship, and without it...there is faulty foundation for a relationship. I know people cab make mistakes, but...that doesn't mean you magically forget about those mistakes. Just be careful and listen to your gut.

    • Thank you. I'll be careful. :)

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