My ex is hanging out with this girl but he calls her his BFF. should I be concerned that he is dating someone.?

Apparently they went on a trip together to like some tropical place and they went surfing, paddleboarding and spent a tons of time together. I guess I am kinda jealous and I'm afraid to pry because he might think I am being Nosey but I really really wanna know. We are FB friends but he doesn't post anything ever.


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  • You shouldn't be concerned about anything involving his romantic life. He's your ex. He can hang out with any girl he wants and if he wants to date a new girl, that's his business. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be mean, but you should probably just move on. Constantly thinking about him and the state of his "possible" relationship status is just going to drive you crazy. Find a different outlet for your time.


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