What are the characteristics of a cheater?


I'm pretty sure many of you have experienced being on the wrong end of infidelity, and believe me, it sucks! In the aftermath of experiencing such a thing, it would only make sense that we don't wish to welcome similar people in our lives, yet it is always so hard to tell who cheats and who doesn't. That's why I've come up with this questionaire.

You may answer in any way you like; share a story from previous experience, quick notes on what personality traits to watch out for, and heck - if you've cheated yourself feel free to write down what went through your mind when it happened.

The best answer will be selected 2 weeks from now. Anonymous users are welcome to participate. :)
Thanks for participating, eveyrone! There are only 3 days to go before this article closes, and I will begin writing an article.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I don't know fore sure if any of my ex's or even current bf has cheated. But my current bf is really insecure about other guys... like looks through my phone at will... but his is like MIA or glued to his hand. Hurts me if I don't let him see it. Accuses me of being out with another guy when I'm unavailable at odd hours like right after work until late night. Most recent situation like this was when I was out seeing a musical with my mom on a week day.
    Turns out he was the one going on with me talking to other girls.


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What Guys Said 4

  • If you wanna know if a guy is a cheater or something, grab his phone and hold it at an angle that he can't see the screen and go into it and just start going through stuff, you dont even have to look at texts of pics. If he jumps up or adjusts do he can watch what your doing, thats a pretty good sign.. If a girl did that to me i wouldn't care because i know i dont have anything bad on my phone

    • Never heard of that tactic before, but it seems pretty innocent, especially with all the smartphones out there these days..

    • Well i mean if there isn't anything bad on your phone like flirty texts with guys or pics of them or whatever, you wouldn't jump up and grab your phone would you? Youd just ask what they're doing

  • All of their exes are, according to them, "crazy jealous bitches" or "psycho stalkers".

    You have to ask yourself, what is more likely, that he dated crazy girls excusively or that he made every girl like that with cheating and lying?

    • Seems very probable, and familiar! I'd probably say the intent behind this is to divert attention away from himself?

    • Also it's about convincing themselves that the women were impossible to have a relationship with and their cheating therefore wasn't really cheating. "Why did you cheat?" -"Because your trust issues drive in the arms of other women"... Seriously, I know a guy like this.

  • I've been cheated on and I pardoned. The 3d time I stopped caring. Then she left me. I didn't stop her from going, of course. Since I didn't care any longer I wasn't hurt when she left.

  • Mostly the characteristics are having a vagina...


What Girls Said 3

  • 1. People that cheat are overly suspicious of the other person cheating even if they aren't.

    2. They get super jealous over stupid reasons.

    3. They tend to be controlling.

    4. They are sensitive of their privacy but have no respect for yours.

  • If they lie about the stupid things and dishonest about who they talk to

  • My step dad cheats on my mom and although she is 100% faithful to him.. he accuses HER of being the wh%re... so I would say a main characteristic of cheater would be someone who accuses you and is jealous for stupid reasons... although THEY are the one who's actually cheating :/... my step dad hates me by the way , because unlike my mother.. I know he's full of sht...


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