my friend needs help on what he should do?

My friend had this girl who his been on and off for a whole year. Nothing about there relationship was beautiful. Every other week they fought for that entire week and then make up the next week. This went on for a whole year.My friend has made big mistakes in the begining of the relationship dealing with his ex'sand hanging with them. But after that he really made strides and got serious. But she in turn for his actions decided to get even but more physically (having some guy go down on her). Me and my brother know she did go down on the guy even when she said she didn't .

They break up only to later that week to get back together. She drowns my friends Facebook telling people how bad a guy he was for messing around and causing their failed relationship to stumble.

This went on for a whole year. Drama. She recently moved on and he was constantly posting on Facebook status telling how much hemissed Her. He made a new Facebook that he lets her control and it nothing but about her. Im telling him he needs to move on, but he won't listen.

He says he will probably get back with her. What is your opinion on this. I feel him seeing others opinion would open his small word of a head


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  • Honestly he needs to get away from that "relationship". That is not healthy at all, and that girl does not seem like the kind of girl he should be with, especially if she is blaming him for the failure of the relationship. He seems to know what he did in the beginning was wrong, and has been working to better himself. Tell him he deserves a girl better than her, and just keep reinforcing it in his head


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