Need Advice - weird ex girlfriend situation.?

My boyfriends ex ex girlfriend still likes my boyfriend. She tried to get back with him in the summer when we were seeing eachother but i was confident he wanted me due to his efforts. We became official, and i know they occassionally text which is fine, but she still posts pictures of them from when they dated tagging "happy, cuddles' etc'.
my boyfriend doesn't know she does this.

this mornin my boyfriend told me his ex text him in the night lookin for someone to talk to because her brother passed away. and that he hopes it doesn't start a fight between us.

This wouldn't start a fight, death is serious so its hard to be angry about that aspect. (i love the fact he told me about her, and i trust him...i dont trust her)

im curious why she confined in my boyfriend though. Im afraid that she might take his kind words and apply them to her feelings for him more cause lets be honest, a girl will accept kind words from someone she likes and blow it up x100 versus wordss from a guy that she doesn't feel for. what is she doing?

not sure what to do or say. how do i communicate my uncomfortableness to my boyfriend?

i dont want her getting the impression that he is leading her on but all he is doing is givin support.


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  • I think she is really trying to persuade him to come back. she's trying to ease him into a position to be able to talk for a while and try to seduce him. This is my opinion of course but its kinda weird this question came up. I was seeing this girl and I broke it off for good reasons. anyway, while I was seeing another girl, she kept doing basically the same thing. one time she texted me and asked if she could call me, well I said yes. some guy she was seeing did something to her and long story short she really tried to talk me into coming over and having sex. I didn't and I told my gf what happened and she told me its ok if I continued to talk to her but I didn't anyway out of love/respect for her. Anyway, if you're uncomfortable, just have an honest talk with him and if he's a decent guy and really cares about you he will totally understand.


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