Need guy help/advice as well as girl if you have had success?

I don't wanna hear the cliche move on, get over it so if you're going to say that...exit now.

Can you get an ex back? Even in the worse case scenario and if so what can I do to make him see things are different and win him back over completely?


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  • yes. im trying to get back with a woman that broke me for all others and its hard but if you keep trying it will come closer and closer. the thing is she was the bad one in the realationship (cheated, etc ) and i can't appologize for anything. so ya possible but hard.

    • How are you going about it?

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    • How are you going about if

    • message me if you dont mind. much less confustion

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  • Move on get over it, just kidding its harder the 2nd time and if you cheated than he has lost total respect for you and consult answers a an b


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  • Yes, but it only works if he still feels the same and tries to contact you. It helps if you give him some space.. it could take awhile. Make him miss you. I've gotten back together with two of my exes. One of them twice. :p


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