Friends should make an effort to see you, right? Even exes?

Should my ex (as just a friend) make more of an effort to see me? Especially since he wants to get back together?
He'll make plans then stand me up, cancel or run late. He won't even tell me. He won't apologize. He makes it everywhere else on time and makes it up to others when he's late. Does it sound like lack of respect?


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  • Reread everything you have written here. Of course its disrespectful. If you don't like his behavior, dont deal with it. Good luck.


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  • Habitually late people are broadcasting you a message that their time is far more valuable than yours.
    My advice is to dump him. You're worth more than that.


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  • Friends, yess. Ex's, no.

  • Yes, if he actually wanted to be your friend, he would put forth a much stronger effort. Constantly cancelling and standing you up and not communicating are all signs that he has much more important things than you to be thinking about. Don't even bother trying to plan stuff with him, find someone who's worth your time and who actually cares about you.

    • Thanks! That's what I thought. I knew I felt wrong, I just needed reassurance.

    • You're welcome. There's nothing wrong with seeking reassurance. Although you also can't be afraid to stand up for yourself when someone's treating you poorly.

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