How do I make my friend get over her abusive ex?

One of my friends were about a year ago together with a guy, at the beginning it was all great but the longer time passed the more she found out about him, he did drugs, cheated and even punched her in the stomach after a time they had had unprotected sex.
She finally broke up and many months has passed yet she cannot get over him. She keeps saying that "she's not worth him" even though everyone in her surrounding tells her to let him go.
She has even become friends with his new girlfriend and his sister.
The thing is she always need so much attention and I think that's part of why she won't get over him.
I've tried absolutely everything but I just don't know what to do anymore. Any idea?
She was 16-17 at the time and he 20...


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  • 1. I'd recommend you do NOTHING cause in the long run you'll probably hurt /harm if not ruin urself if you get obsessed by this
    2. She clearly is obsessed with this chap here. Reasons need not be logical or even relevant - that's how it is
    3. Her obsession is probably becoming compulsive too the way she is befriending all and sundry around him
    4. I don't blame her too cause she met the chap there at quite a young age so such things happen
    5. If you want to be a friend and a good one, be with her but don't ever encourage or even listen to any talk about him. Advise this to your other common friends too. The best way to probably get him off her mind.


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  • make sure they keep away. just Use caution if it turns violent

  • I'm in the same situation with my ex gf who I dated for a few months who ran back to her ex. I have no intentions of wanting to get back with her but I hate seeing her go back to an emotionally abusive relationship with this guy. Only problem is that guy has persuaded her never to talk to me anymore so I can't send her any info on emotionally abused victims in relationships or give her any advice because she will just dismiss all of it and interpret it as me being jealous and trying to persuade her that her bf is bad.


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  • There is absolutely nothing that you personally can do to make your friend get over this guy. The only person who can make that choice is her, and she obviously doesn't want to yet.
    I would suggest seeing a therapist to her, but in reality, she's the one who has complete control over the situation and she's the only one who can change that.


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