Do guys tell their girlfriend what they don't consider not cheating?

I am just wondering, something you would not consider cheating, but you know she would, do you tell or keep quiet about it? i know most guys won't tell their partner and they never find out. I don't think its fair.


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  • It would be better if the guy or gal keeps quiet about it. If it happened once and the guilty party realizes it was a mistake and never does it again, he or she should just be quiet about it. Of course, it violates the integrity of the relationship, but revealing the truth will not solve the issue. The reason why people tell their partners of their mistakes because they don't want to live with the guilt. However, I believe that the guilty party should live with the guilt. Anyway, to answer your question, you should establish the rules of the relationship. If you and your partner are happy with being open, then that's fine, as long as both parties know.

    • I think that another reason people tell their partners things like this is because it'd be dishonest not to. A relationship without honesty probably won't be very stable anyway, and not one most people want to be in.

      I wouldn't recommend being dishonest for this very reason, there's usually no point in continuing the relationship if you're going to be dishonest.

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    • My point was that though telling the partner you cheated may end the relationship, lying to them about it ruins the relationship anyway. So you mid as well take the chance of the relationship ending over a 100% chance ruined relationship. Even if you know the relationship will end once you tell them, you mid as well tell them just to end the relationship instead of continuing it since it's pointless.

      That's how I see it anyway, some people may be able to live with dishonesty in their relationship which would kill a lot of the logic in this.

    • It's not lying if the issue is not brought up. Thus, the relationship won't end because the other party doesn't know of the issue. However, if the one party continues to cheat, then the relationship will fail. If the person does it once, realize it was a mistake, and never does it again, then the relationship should last.

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  • I wouldn't. No point in starting an argument over it. Especially if its something really stupid, like she thinks if I watch p*rn I'm cheating on her.

    • I don't consider blowjobs cheating ( honestly) would you be angry if i kept it hidden from you?

    • No, but I'm aware that I'm not like most other guys when it comes to that sort of thing.

  • Well if the other person considers it cheating it's cheating, that's all there really is to it. Even if you don't think it is, once they find out they're still going to be hurt or even end the relationship.

    That's how it is to me anyway. The only way something is not cheating is if BOTH people agree it's not cheating.

  • everything should be on the table from day one.

  • I would...


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  • Me and my partner have spoken about cheating before but not what counts as cheating because we already know what counts as cheating. We both have best friends of the opposite gender, we know that it's okay to hug them in a friendly way but anything more would constitute as cheating.


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