Why is my ex contacting me if he is living with another girl?

Last year I dated this guy whom I have really never been able to get over. Dating was on and off and I fell so hard for him that I really think he just didn't know how to handle it. Heck, I didn't either...it was a mess. The chemistry between us was unreal. However, as you know in any relationship their usually is a calm person and one who the calm person keeps in line. That calm person was not me, haha. We have not spoken to each other in almost a year. Well, last Friday he called several times... I didn't answer. I honestly wanted to, but couldn't. My first question would be..Why is he calling me after a year? I would understand a text, but actually calling?

I know he has moved on, and when I say moved on I mean like moved in with someone else lol.

2 days ago I was out of town and on my way back... About 3 hours away from home I stopped and got gas. Would you believe that as I was walking to the store from the gas pump he was getting out of his truck! We locked eyes for a moment, but I retreated and got back in my car. I think I would have spoken, but his girlfriend was driving his truck and she got out too. My question to this is...Knowing he tried to call me last week, how does he now feel knowing that I know he is in a relationship with someone else?

Fyi... I too have moved on and am in a relationship and I'm sure he knows this as it is posted on fb.

To beat all this is not the first time I have accidentally run into him...we also got polled for the same jury duty right after out split. God has a good sense of humor with this one. hahaha

Does he really want me back or just to see if I still care? For his ego...


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  • Seems a little strange. I think the only thing you can be certain of here is that he was definitely thinking about you. In what way I don't know. There is a possibility that him and his new girlfriend had an argument and in his resentment for her, began thinking about you.
    I'm not sure. Either way you need to ask yourself, do you still have feelings for him?

    If not move on and forget him. Put your efforts and work into your new relationship. I was a with a guy who wasn't over his ex and he just messed me about all year. One minute he loved me, next he needed space. I ended up with the broken heart.

    Focus on your new relationship and forget the past.

    • I have also thought and given advice to friends that unless a guy makes some sort of move that is substantial (like dinner), don't reply. The problem is that I don't know what he would've said had I answered. One thing is for sure...by not answering I know it only arouses his curiosity about what I am doing or how I feel.

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  • Why do you care? He's in a relationship with someone else, and you're in a relationship with someone else, so you don't need to have prescience to know that your pursuing him (or his pursuing you) won't end well.

    • I shouldn't, but sometimes we care about certain people more than we should. Im trying to do the right thing for all involved. You can't help how you feel.

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  • There were two option. If you answered his call, you could have known why exactly he called for. The other option, you didn't accept because you really don't care.
    But , as I understood you care him. You got excited somehow. Now you don't know what to do.
    You choose your option already. So move on. Even it is the best option even it is the worst. You know what is WORST of all to be indecisive. The better future is ahead.

    • I guess I should have answered, but honestly I was so caught of guard.

    • It is all right. Don't be regretful. It is already passed. Look your future. It is bright, trust me.

  • What jam66 said. Only he can say his real intentions for calling you, but regardless, he was thinking about you. Whether is was because he's wondering how you are (in a friendly way) or is missing you (in a romantic way), it's hard to say.

    I also agree with jam66 in that this is risky business already considering you're both in serious relationships. I'd move on and focus on your current relationship, not the past and what could have been.

    • It's hard to keep moving on knowing that someone you really cared about is thinking of you. You know..

    • I know…it's hard : / It's also confusing, but I think you should take some time to think about it and go with your gut.

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