Breaking up engagement with un-appreciative immature fiance who has a tendancy to dis-respect as she thinks i will never leave her?

to keep it simple. engaged to my girl as much as i love her she's very immature and has issues with dealing with mistakes and whenever she's pissed she closes the phone or just runs away and has difficulty accepting responsibility when wrong

she's been going through a tough time and im being appreciative and all however she did something which ill never accept which i confronted her and she brushed it off that i was being immature and now is not the time. bit my tongue and the next day i told her i can't let it slide as one its not in her personality to do such a thing and it was disrespectful to me and will cause trust issues. she exagerated + told me big mistake we got engaged and her usual lets breakup. left her for a week didn't make a single move as she's used to me making things better.

found out that she took things to another level thus pointing to me that she had no regard to what i didn't like and i caught her. sent a formal message to her that i tried to be very supportive during this time etc but no man in my position will accept this situation but when it reaches this new level its insulting and i won't accept it no matter what i feel towards u

ur better than this and wished we didn't fight over such a petty issue. told her i hope u find the right husband that u can love and "respect" and what ur doing is not of what a girl who waited all these years and doesn't want anyone but me ( as she said )

along with the evidence i found

she got very defensive and that she didn't do anything wrong and started saying im crazy and the lot and that she doesn't know why we got back becuz i "changed"

ignored her than blocked her she called i didn't reply and then sent a message hours later saying shell never forgive me and i hurt her so bad when infact its the other way around. spoke to her mom to apologise that its off as i can't accept the latest event.
alwys taken me for granted and is childish and doesn't appreciate
she's childish in many examples and even though she's goin througha tough time this scenario i can't let it slide gave her a chance to realise her mistake instead she took it to another level and is challenging me which ill never accept
4 the 1st time i ever i clearly closed the door on the engagement in hope she grows up and realises her mistake.also sent her stuff to her house to signal im serious. if it doesn't work out fine. but will never accept this treatment + lack respect


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  • No contact is the best way to go. You can break up with her more officially if you want, but I wouldn't give her a chance to try and talk things out after. Telling her over the phone might be best, since she would likely cause a scene if you did it in person, and then try to quilt you into listening to her. Over the phone you can just hang up after the deed is done.

    She sounds really manipulative, by trying to make you out to be the bad guy. If you still love her that can be dangerous, because you will want to believe things can be fixed. You can not fix this by changing your behavior, nor is she going to under go some life changing transformation.

    If you end up going back to her, you will teach her that you can always be manipulated, and she will never respect you. Whatever you do, don't sleep with her anymore, or she might end up pregnant as a way to trap you.


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  • Well if you marry someone its like for life. So its okay i guess I mean after the way she reacted you know you made the right choice.

  • Don't really understand what the question is. It seems you have already made up your mind about this. So what is it that you were asking. I took this more of a venting post about her than an actual question.


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  • Run as fast and as far as you can, and never look back.I wish I'd taken that advice about 10 years ago.
    It starts off little, but it never gets better.If you were to ever find yourself financially or otherwise committed, where leaving could be expensive, you'd find out how bad it can really get.

    If you're not being respected 100% of the time, leave.Even in an argument , lack of respect is inexcusable.

  • That is a sad story. Too bad no one knows what she actually did.


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