What should I do if she doesn't pick up?

Ok so me and my girlfriend broke up about 5 months ago and just to summarize things up I feel like the reason when broke up has changed in the past 5 months and the situation that was causing the problem is no longer an issue so anyways Im thinking about giving her a call this week sometime and just talk to her about some things and ask some unanswered questions that I have, and if it goes good maybe ask her out to eat or something.. but I want to know what to do in case she doesn't pick up.. her phone doesn't have a voicemail so I figured if she doesn't pick up Id just leave her a text somewhere along the lines of "hey! I know its obviously been a while but if youd call me back id really like to talk to you! When we first broke up I told myself that I wasn't going to be the one to contact you but for some reason tonight it just felt right! if you don't care anymore I can respect that but Id still like to talk to you anyways so give me a call " Please dont answer saying that I shouldn't call her cause she's my ex and it should stay that way and all that stuff... I've given myself a lot of time to think about things and there are some questions that I really need answered, even if she doesn't want to get back together I think having these questions answered will help me move on


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  • You sound pretty young... but what a very, very lucky girl.

    You could text "hey (her name) :)"

    This is almost certain to work as this gets me almost ever time that my boyfriend does it... since we were ex's when I was with another guy. The smiley face thing has always got me wondering what he wanted...why he was texting


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