Girls help me out! what should I do if she doesn't pick up?

Ok so really long story short me and my girlfriend of 2years broke up about 4 months ago and we haven't talked to each other at all since the break up. for me anyways I feel like the situation that caused us to break up has changed and I have a different view on out relationship. So Im thinking about giving her a call this week so I can talk to her and hopefully get some answers to unanswered questions that have been bothering me since we broke up. I want to be ready to know what to do in case she doesn't pick up because she might not have her phone with her or she just might chose not to pick up... If this happens im thinking about sending a text like "Hey! I know its been a while and were not the same as we used to be but I really would like to talk to you tonight, I don't know about you but when we broke up I told myself that I wasn't going to be the one to call you cause I didn't want to seem week, maybe im crazy but for some reason tonight just felt right and it doesn't matter anymore. so even if you you don't care ill be able to respect that I just want to talk for a little bit" does that sound like a good text to send? Im nervous about this because I have no clue how she's feeling about me right now but for some reason after being broken up for this long I just feel that I need to call her this week so If you could give me some advice it would be appreciated


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  • Don't call her. let the relationship go. easier said then done, but chances r she won't pick up or u won't like what she has to say. Remember the good times that you had together and move on. I texted by ex a few hours after he ended the relationship and I didn't get any kind of response which I realize now is probably for the best. I also sent him a Facebook message a week ago and no response so I am letting it go. its painful, but I am a ex for a reason and talking to a ex just gives us hope that we will get back together and that never turns out well.

    • Ok I think that there is a big difference between waiting 4 months and waiting a few hours... of course if you just broke up things won't change but we've had a lot of time to think and I think there's a chance that we both have changed our mindset on some issues

  • If you're only getting a hold of her because you need closure then it's fine, but don't be expecting anything to happen between you too. There is nothing wrong with getting some answers, but I would maybe send a kind of different text. Maybe one that makes you seem less attached, because if she broke up with you and you come across as wanting to get back together, it might scare her off. So send a text along the lines of "Hey I know we haven't talked for a while, and now that we've both had a lot of time to cool off I would just like to get some answers." or something like that. If she doesn't reply, then you're only option is to move on


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