This one is for the guys! How many of you have got in touch with an ex (that ended on good terms) several years later in person?

Say did u call her text fb her to catch up. Maybe u wanted to get back together. Maybe u caught up and had sex too. My thought is why her years later if you liked her that whole time and u both were single the whole time why did u not try earlier. I mean could u not go someone else. Why go back to the ex. Girls ur experiences of this too


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  • I was going to at one point... but decided against it. I mean what's in the past should stay there. She was married too by then, so really what was the point. She probably would've put it in my face, so it was better to go on with my life.

    I've never contacted an ex and I don't plan on it either. I look at my present and potential future only...


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