How to get over your ex when you see him everyday?

see, this guy was the only boyfriend i ever had, the only guy i ever loved. we were in and out of a relationship 3 times, all three times he proposed and then he broke up. he's kinda done the same with all other girls he dated. he's crushing on a new girl now and he probably plans to ask her out soon.
not just that, he's hurt me so many times in so many ways. he's just...mean! but somehow i still got feelings for him. every night i pray i'll move on, but i just can't do it when i'm seeing him everyday, he's in my class. i feel so shameless and stupid loving the guy i'll never get. what should i do? how do i move on?


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  • You've already figured out that this is a path you cannot continue, so good for you. You want nothing to do with him so ignore him. Take charge of yourself and don't poke that smouldering emotion. You can avoid eye contact, avoid getting close to him, sit far away from him in class, and do not speak to him. If he speaks to you, you can aim your nose at the sky and ignore him. Your emotional entanglement will gradually loosen over an indeterminate time. Force youself to concentrate and continue your usual routine, doing activities that require your attention and do the things you usually enjoy. Don't mope about. You are having a life experience and will learn from it, just as you will learn a bit more from all your future boyfriends. You want to meet as many of the opposite sex you can so you will be able to chose your life partner well.


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  • 1) Let ur past relation with him be known to everyone in your workplace. this will reduce your conflict with him..

    2) dont try to ignore him completely, try to maintain a low-key terms with him

    3) Try to escalate to another relationship.


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  • Ouch, I hope that never happens to me. Can't really help you though, cause I've like never even dated anyone, but I have something going on with a guy in my class ;)
    I'm sure it will get better


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