Why would an ex (dumper) get upset over the no contact rule?

My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for over 5 months now, We were together for 3 years and over the course I lied to him causing him to break up with me, during the breakup it was always difficult for us to let go and even after we agreed to stop contact and try to move on, he gets upset and doesn't understand when i dont answer or pick up his calls. I want him back but when we talk about us, he can never make up his mind to understand what it is that he wants from us. Please HELP!


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  • Maybe they only want to be friends

  • If you want something you have to go after it. Its not going to get handed to you on a platter. So if you are playing games with him by doing no contact then you are losing. You clearly were in the wrong for lying to him and he was obviously hurt so he is upset proabbly because he still has feelings but is smart enough not to break off a relationship with a liar. And it is hurtful for someone you spent three years with to ignore you and also immature on your part. I would apologize to him and tell him what is on your mind and why you need No Contact. If you want more or another chance I will tell him that. Talk to him!!

    • The more i chase or push things between him, the more it continues to push him away. He understands that having contact with me during the process of not knowing what he wants can only string me along and hurt me.

    • Sounds like you already talked about it. if he doesn't know what he wants then he doesn't want you bad enough. I would let him be upset and move on. Eventually he will just have to be okay with it.

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