Found emails from T4M craigslist in fiances email... uh?

ok.. so this was a while ago. He left his email up on my computer, and I saw an email saying another email account was created. I thought it was weird, so i clicked. Long story short, there were short one line replies to a few (5 or so) t4m craigslist ads.

I obviously freak out and ask him wtf is going on. This was over the phone at the time because he's in the military and lives a few hours away. He gets really defensive and claims it wasn't him, then he got mad that I would even accuse him of such a thing.

Anyways, he claims that it was his brother who was playing a joke on him... He never saw the emails before I mentioned them to him. It's all pretty sketchy because the 2 weekends where these emails were sent were 2 of only a few weekends he hasn't spent with me. sketchy.

However I did check our phone records and there weren't any calls or texts from strange numbers on these days. I've never met his family, because they also live very far away and he hasn't been home in a while, but he had his brother call me and explain what happened and apologize..

Also he does not seem gay AT ALL. Like, from the very beginning I could tell how much he loves having sex with me, all the fun stuff. I still think about it months later because it freaked me out so much. Im too embarrassed to ask any of my friends what they think of it all, and I was hoping for an outsiders opinion... so, anyone?


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  • Sounds like it COULD really be someone messing with him. Or maybe it isn't... Your guess is as good as ours, but this isn't quite the same as him responding to female posts.

    Honestly, this is one of those questions that leaves me awkwardly speechless. It is hard to imagine questioning someones sexual orientation- it should be pretty clear, right?

    Go with your gut feeling I guess, but he doesn't sound gay to me.


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